Complete Acura RSX lineup, specs, economy, dimensions

2002 Acura RSX - Technical Specs, Fuel economy, Dimensions2002 - 2007 Acura RSX CoupeRSX4 Trims 162 to 212 Hp

The Acura RSX is one of Acura’s more notable vehicles. It’s a car that perfectly exemplifies Acura’s design philosophies and their incredible ability to create sleek, fun-to-drive vehicles that have just the right amount of refinement and upscale luxury added to them. The RSX embodies all of that in a package that’s a perfect car to handle your daily mundane tasks but is ready to have a lot of fun once you let it out of the cage.

It’s powered by a variety of 2L four-cylinder engines that are capable of producing anywhere from 160 HP and all the way up to 220 HP (the exact metrics depend on the chosen edition). The transmission is available in a 5 or 6-speed manual with a 5-speed automatic variation on display as well. The automatic version features Acura’s Sequential SportShit mode that allows the driver to select individual gears much quicker. Numbers and stats aside, consumer reports show that the RSX is really fun to drive. The smooth and high-revving action we’ve come to expect of Acura is present in spades. Handling is great and the overall ride is really comfortable. Naturally, the Type-S model performs much better, but even the base RSX is nothing to scoff at, especially when trying to tackle trickier corners.

The cabin of the RSX is another area where Acura’s design shines once again. Almost everything has been given that signature Acura luxury touch. All of the cockpit controls are intuitive and placed exactly where they need to be for the driver to have quick, easy, and simplified access. You have all of your standard features like automatic climate control, cruise control, a moonroof, and a CD player. If you purchased one of the higher trim levels you will also enjoy the spoils of leather seating on top of all of the expected additions to the handling, suspension, and overall performance. Whether you pay extra or not, the RSX delivers a great cabin even on the base model, having 17-inch wheels is just a nice bonus if you can afford the upgrade.

In terms of spaciousness, the RSX is pretty roomy for the most part. The driver and front-seat passenger enjoy the most amount of space and notably, even taller drivers don’t have much to worry about. This comes at the cost of head and legroom in the back, but it still isn’t exactly cramped. It’s just noticeable that for the most part, this is a driver-oriented vehicle.

The seating is generally comfortable, being able to appease even bigger occupants. It comes with great back support and firmness and it’s also clear that Acura didn’t skimp out on the materials.

On the outside, the RSX doesn’t disappoint with much either. It has more sporty and aggressive styling that isn’t overdone. At first glance, it might look like just another car, but upon closer inspection, you start to notice all of the nice touches that Acura has put in. With metallic accents and a sleek aesthetic, the RSX has a nice subtle blend of the classic car look and tamed sportiness that perfectly matches what the car itself is capable of doing.

Overall, the RSX is a great vehicle to own and drive. It’s not perfect by any means, for example, the rear visibility leaves a lot to be desired. But none of the drawbacks are big enough to notably make this car’s grade lower. The fuel economy is great and its performance allows it to manage both your weekend fun and your daily, more chore-filled weekdays. Regardless of the need, the RSX is a reliable car that will give you a stable, grounded driving experience every single time you put the keys in.