Complete Acura TSX lineup, specs, economy, dimensions

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The Acura TSX is a compact executive car and is classified as an entry level luxury vehicle. Starting off as a modified version of the Honda Accord, the TSX has had a long history of improvements and changes since its inception. 

When it was released, the TSX was very similar to the Accord, but this has changed over the years. But even from the very beginning, this line had its own personal characteristics, a beautiful design, and a quality production that made it a great competitor in the compact executive car sector. 

On the exterior, the TSX didn’t offer much innovation. It featured most of the elements we’ve come to expect from the Accord, but with redesigned front and rear elements, new side sills and the addition of fog lamps. The trunk is spacious, but nothing groundbreaking in terms of cargo space in sedans. 

Unlike the exterior however, the TSX’ interior has undergone major changes. It feels attractive, upscale and contemporary, without being tacky. Adjustments were made in the design of the dashboard, steering wheel (with cruise control and audio system control buttons) and the center console had its features expanded. Nicely finished leather seat upholstery and armrests ensure a comfortable ride. Overall you are set to get the luxuriously elegant finish that Acura is famous for. 

There is enough space in the back seat to comfortably accommodate  two passengers, but if desired, three people can be seated in the back, without much of a sacrifice in comfort. With improved lateral and lumbar support, the engineers at Acura have really made sure that you get a really nice riding experience, especially at this price point. 

The Acura TSX’s options packages are quite diverse. They include adjustable and heated seating, powered sunroof, dual-zone climate control and a multimedia center for entertainment. The car features a premium multi-speaker audio system that pairs really well with the cabin’s significantly improved sound insulation through the use of denser side windows and a specialized windshield. 

On the safety side of things, the TSX features are fairly standard, including an anti-lock braking system, front and back seat airbags, traction control and electronic brake force distribution. Despite not having some really impressive “futuristic” safety features, the TSX has become one of the better rated for safety cars on the market (in the midsize four-door sector). This brings us to the performance of the TSX. With either a K-series four-cylinder four-stroke 2.4L engine or a 3.5L V6 engine, the TSX hides quite a bit of power under the hood. The TSX also has a special variable fuel injection system.

With the TSX, we are presented with an option between 5-speed automatic or a 6-speed manual transmission that are both well designed and will have you feeling like a pro driver with their short and precise shifts. The suspension is designed well and along with a front-wheel drive layout, it offers a smooth ride on most standard driving terrains. The fuel economy is another excellent area for the TSX as the engineers at Acura have successfully done their best to give you really good fuel efficiency. 

All of this and everything above make the TSX a really well-rounded car. This car really delivers with a high amount of expected standard features and there aren’t many competitors that offer as much in exchange for the lower price tag. It’s a shame that the Acura team didn’t bring the same design aspects of the interior to the exterior of the car. But overall the TSX is complex, yet fun and even though the engine feels a bit underpowered, once it’s rev-ed up, it really delivers.