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Shanghai GM, a partnership between Chinese manufacturer SAIC Motor and American manufacturer General Motors, manufactures the Buick GL8 minivan. The company only marketed this model in China. Unlike other GM minivans, the company decided not to install a roof rack on this model. Although they modified it for 2005, it has a more streamlined and modern appearance than its competitors.

History of Buick GL8

Buick GL8 First Generation (2000–2016)

In December 1999, they initially manufactured the GL8 in China. The GL8 2.5 has a conventional wheelbase, whereas the GL8 First Land has an extended wheelbase. The LT, CT1, CT2, CT3, and GT are the five trim options offered—and these options were available only for the Firstland. Chevrolet Venture was renamed Chevrolet Venture for the Philippines from October 2001 to 2005, when it was available in a 10-seater variant. Despite the largely negative feedback and sales figures, Venture owners in the Philippines were disappointed by the poor quality of the vehicles' construction and the lack of readily available replacement components. While certain Chevrolet Ventures were still available in dealerships in the Philippines as late as 2007, they were no longer for sale to the public. Aside from the Chevrolet Lumina, the Venture is one of two rebranded Chinese-market Buicks offered in the Philippines. You can buy a Buick GL8 First Generation for between 218,000 and 318,000 yuan ($55,142 to $80,437). The GL8 was updated for the first time in 2005, based on the new GMT201 platform, which they also used with the American GM Minivans. The launch of a 2.5L LB8 V6 boosted the number of engine options available. Additionally, they revised the exterior appearance to include a new lower-spec V6 and a newer GL8 Firstland using the original 3.0L LW9 engine. With its origins in the 1985 Chevrolet Camaro/Pontiac Firebird twins, the 3.0L was just a bigger version of the LB8. The facelifted GL8 production ended in 2016.

Buick GL8 Second Generation (2010 - present)

Another partnership between SAIC Motors and General Motors, the Pan-Asia Technical Automotive Center (PATAC), produced the car based on a vehicle structure that has been around for more than a decade. Among the many new features and enhancements that the 2011 model will bring to the market are seven groundbreaking innovations and 27 groundbreaking technological advances. These include the improvements in design, space, safety, technological capabilities, power, functionality, and quality. The end product is a luxury MPV unlike any other, and it's instantly recognizable as a Buick. The GL8 First Land's 3,099 mm wheelbase applies here as well (122 in). Its look and interior were redesigned for the second GL8 generation, a heavily improved version of the first. The chassis was one of the few things they didn't modify. In the 2nd gen of the GL8, the 3.0L LFW V6 was the only engine offered. They carried over none of the previous engines. It would have been ideal for upgrading the 2.5L V6 instead of replacing it with a noisy 2.4L Ecotec, but they did not. Even while it may have greater power than the previous 2.5L, it took a significant step back in sophistication. The company called this second-generation car the 'Luxury Business' edition. There are twelve models to choose from, with prices ranging from 232,900 yuan to 529,900 yuan—between $36,195 and $82,363 for the March 2022 exchange rate.

Buick GL8 Third Generation (2017 - present)

The GL8 ES, the third-generation Buick GL8, made its debut in China in October 2016 and was marketed with the second-generation model. The old torsion beam rear end is gone, and in its replacement, the car features a whole new independent system, which may or may not be the GMT201. Only a 250hp turbocharged 4-cylinder engine is available. The former GL8 25S's entry-level pricing was reduced to 229,000 yuan ($36,247), while a luxury variant, the GL8 Avenir, was priced at 449,000 yuan ($71,070).

Buick GL8 (2020 Facelift)

A total of 1.2 million GL8s have been sold in China since its initial release in 1999. Large luxury MPVs will be set out from the others thanks to the new GL8 ES and Legacy models' comprehensive redesigns, interior luxury and performance, connection, and safety features. They'll be part of Buick's most luxurious MPV lineup yet, including the GL8 Avenir, which debuted on the marketplace in early March 2020 as the highest embodiment of the brand's luxury.


For the latest generations, Buick GL8 ES and GL8 Avenir, their important features are from the exteriors to interiors.

Buick GL8 ES

In many ways, the new GL8 ES follows in the footsteps of the GL8 Avenir family in terms of aesthetics, build quality, and advanced driver assistance features. In addition, the interior had undergone a significant makeover. Luxurious materials, chrome accents, and fine stitching create this model's high-end look. With a length of 5,219 mm (205.47 in), a width of 1,878 mm (73.93 in), a height of 1,799 mm (70.82 in), and a wheelbase of 3,088 mm (121.57 in).

  • Special Ergonomic Design
  • eConnect 3.0 Connectivity System
  • 12.3-Inch Floating Center Console Touchscreen
  • Streaming Mirror
  • Head-up Display (HUD)
  • OnStar and Intelligent Driving System
  • QuietTuning Technology
  • 12-Speaker Bose Centerpoint
  • Air Quality Control System
  • Nano-Scale Anti-PM2.5 Filter

Buick GL8 Avenir

Style extends inside as well. Whisper Beige's luxurious materials and features give the cabin a sense of elegance and sophistication throughout the entire lineup. The ivory and navy blue motif is accented by shining gold accents. With seats that have the same diamond-patterned needlework and what appears to be a leather-wrapped dash and two-tone leather steering wheel, front-seat passengers may enjoy a fair amount of luxury themselves. Efficient lighting innovations improve visibility, such as the whole new Matrix LED headlights with 18 distinct high-beam control elements and eight dynamic driving beams. The full-LED crystal tail lights, the 2.5-meter-long Avenir car door shadow illumination, and up to 19 unique dynamic concierge lighting settings contribute to the vehicle's safety and elegance. Two built-in touch screens for various tasks are located in the rear center armrest. In addition, the armrest features a cup holder, wireless charging for smartphones, and buttons for changing each back seat's position. The six-seat variation uses independent seats in the second and third rows to ensure that all passengers get the same business-class experience. USB connections, a foldable table, and adjustable third-row seats make it easy to accommodate a wide range of business and leisure interests. The 7-seat version has a maximum payload capacity of 1,650 liters. It features a 2+2+3 cabin arrangement, allowing 6/4 folding seats in the back.


The 2022 Buick GL8 Avenir features a next-generation mild-hybrid powertrain as standard across the whole production model. GM used the Smart Propulsion technology for its new GL8 Avenir, which improves fuel efficiency and driving performance. The Hydra-Matic nine-speed gearbox powers the eighth-generation 2.0T Ecotec variable-cylinder turbocharged engine from GM. At its maximum, the engine produces a power of 174 hp and a maximum torque output of 350 Nm. Compared to the previous generation, it uses 8.1% less fuel per 100 kilometers, which allows it to meet China's 6 B emission requirement.

Release Date

  • Buick GL8 First Generation (2000–2016) - December 1999
  • Buick GL8 Second Generation (2010 - present) - Introduced in 2010 with a 2011 model year
  • Buick GL8 Third Generation (2017 - present) - October 2016
  • Buick GL8 (2020 Facelift) - March 2020
  • Buick GL8 Avenir - March 2020