Complete Buick Lucerne lineup, specs, economy, dimensions

2006 Buick Lucerne - Technical Specs, Fuel economy, Dimensions2005 - 2011 Buick Lucerne SedanLucerne2 Trims 197 to 279 Hp

Inspired by the city of Lucerne, Switzerland, the Buick Lucerne is a full-size vehicle created by General Motors from 2005 to 2011. This car was Buick's top-of-the-line until the second generation of Buick LaCrosse replaced it in 2010.

History of Buick Lucerne

The Beginning

Buick unveiled the Lucerne at the 2005 Chicago Auto Show as an all-new sedan that took the name of the Swiss city. Buick built the Lucerne in Detroit by General Motors on the very same platform as the Cadillac DTS. They added this model into the Buick lineup to replace the full-size LeSabre and the top-of-the-line Park Avenue. Debuted with a 3.8L Buick V6, the Buick Lucerne was manufactured in GM's Detroit plant on the same Cadillac DTS platform. Both had the same wheelbase length and featured a few characteristics. The Magnetic Ride Control, for example, was a device that automatically adjusted the shock damping stiffness in response to traffic conditions. The Chevrolet Corvette's Magnetic Ride Control active suspension and a 4.6L Cadillac Northstar LD8 V8 were also available. The design of the Buick Lucerne was not the most eye-catching. Front-fender "ventiports" on the Lucerne have four holes, whereas those on the V-6 have three. The waterfall grille, with its horizontal oval and several narrow, vertical shiny chrome ribs, also appeared on the Lucerne.

Initial Quality Awards

Cadillac's DTS and the Lucerne shared a Detroit/Hamtramck Assembly Plant in Michigan. From 2004 to 2006, the factory received JD Power and Associates' Initial Quality Awards. GM was ranked highest in Strategic Vision's Total Quality Index (TQI), beating out all automakers.

Model Revision

Mid-cycle modifications included lane departure warning systems and new exterior paint colors for the 2008 model year Lucernes. In 2008, they introduced the CXL Special Edition and Super as additional trim levels to better serve their customers. The 3.9L GM High-Value LZ9 V6 engine, XM NavTraffic, and Bluetooth phone connectivity were minor changes made to the 2009 Lucerne. However, there was no additional charge for the flex-fuel technology. Rocker panels, fog lamps, and grilles were standard equipment on the Super in 2010. This year's Lucerne was essentially the same as 2010.


On June 15, 2011, Buick did their last project on Lucerne. Buick's top sedan, the second-generation LaCrosse, replaced the Lucerne in 2012.


With a minimalist interior and sophisticated styling, the Buick Lucerne is a refined take on Buick's classic styling. Buick emphasizes Lucerne's wheel-to-wheel and body style features for the last model year. Portholes on the flanks give it a classic Buick look. An 18-inch aluminum wheel, an upgraded interior, and a brilliant grille are all part of the Super package.

Other exterior features are the following:

  • 17-inch wheels (standard version)
  • Dual exhaust tailpipes and 18-inch wheels (Super models)
  • Optional chrome finish on Super's 18-inch wheels
  • Remote start
  • Lane departure warning system
  • Parking assist

Premium sedan Buick's Lucerne has a beautiful interior and excellent driving characteristics. It has an interior for up to six passengers and a wide range of features and safety features.

Interior features are as follows:

  • Five or six occupants (available for lower trims only)
  • Super models only have five seats available
  • Eight-way heated front seats
  • Memory settings
  • Power lumbar
  • Heated leather steering wheel
  • Navigation system (optional)
  • Six-way power front seat
  • 280-watt nine-speaker audio system


The engine of the Super model produces a maximum power of 292 hp (218 kW) at 6,300 rpm and a maximum torque of 288 lb-ft (390 Nm) at 4,500 rpm. A front-wheel drive (FWD) system delivers power to the road with a 4-speed automatic gearbox.

Release Date

Buick first released its Lucerne model at the Chicago Auto Show in 2005, and its last production was on June 15, 2011.