Complete Buick Reatta lineup, specs, economy, dimensions

1990 Buick Reatta Convertible - Technical Specs, Fuel economy, Dimensions1990 - 1991 Buick Reatta CabrioletReatta Convertible1 Trim 173 Hp 1988 Buick Reatta Coupe - Technical Specs, Fuel economy, Dimensions1988 - 1991 Buick Reatta CoupeReatta Coupe1 Trim 173 Hp

Buick Reatta is a grand tourer vehicle manufactured and marketed by the famous carmaker company, Buick. This car is a two-door and two-seater grand tourer with two body styles: coupe (1988 - 1991) and convertible (1990 - 1991). With only over 21,000 units sold in just four years, General Motors stopped the model's production in 1991.

History of Buick Reatta

Buick unveiled the Reatta in 1988 as a premium two-seat sports coupe for the North American market. After nearly half a decade, the Reatta was the first two-seater from Buick in a decade, sharing its chassis and interior architecture with the Riviera. The hardtop coupe version of this car was the first to be offered, and it was a shift from prior Buick models. In 1990, the company made the introduction of a roadster variant. However, sales were poor throughout its two years of production. This small roadster has huge aspirations for Buick. The Reatta was expected to sell 20,000 units annually. However, the reality is an exception. Buick was forced to discontinue this vehicle in 1991 due to low sales of the coupe and roadster models combined (just over 21,000 units).


Buick sold the Reatta model for $25,525 MSRP.


Buick created the Reatta using the most cutting-edge technologies available at the time. With different features inside and out, it's no surprise that Buick had to go beyond just to turn around its poor sales from 1988 to 1991. The Reatta came standard with twin bucket seats and a storage compartment behind the seats with two lockable bins and a lockable trunk access hatch. The following are the manufacturing years of Reatta and their corresponding features (interior and exterior):

  • 1988 - Sunroof (optional), pop-up headlamps, touchscreen computer interface
  • 1989 - Radio and climate control functions, user-configurable overspeed alarm, date reminder, trip computers, 
  • 1990 - CD player (optional), driver's airbag, zippered owner's manual case
  • 1991 - Keyless entry, new 16" wheels, ABS, cup holder, automatic headlamps, zippered owner's manual case, power pull-down motors


The Buick Reatta V6 engine delivers 167 hp (123 kW) at 4,400 rpm and 210 lb-ft (285 Nm) at 2,000 rpm for the model's maximum torque. It accelerates from 0 to 60 mph (96 kph) in 9.2 seconds with a top speed of 125 mph (201 kph). Buick sold the Reatta as a front-wheel-drive (FWD) vehicle. It has a V6 3.8-liter engine, while the 5.3-liter V8 is optional with a curb weight of 3,376 lbs (1,531 kgs).

Release Date

The Buick Reatta debuted in January 1988, and the last production was on May 10, 1991.