Complete Buick Rendezvous lineup, specs, economy, dimensions

2002 Buick RendezVous - Technical Specs, Fuel economy, Dimensions2001 - 2007 Buick Rendezvous CrossoverRendezVous8 Trims 187 to 249 Hp

The Buick Rendezvous is a mid-size crossover SUV manufactured by Buick and produced from 2002 to 2007. The model is a versatile family car with enough room for passengers and luggage. It is a four-door SUV with seating for seven people. It comes in two trim levels, the CX and the CXL.

History of Buick Rendezvous

The Buick Rendezvous and its related cousin, the Pontiac Aztek, were GM's first attempts into the crossover SUV sector, debuting in the spring of 2001. The Rendezvous was a delightful best-seller for the Buick brand, bringing in a new generation of buyers. The Rendezvous became Buick's first truck since 1923, and it used a sophisticated platform with the Chevrolet Venture MPV. The Rendezvous is a classic American station wagon, equipped with a roomy interior for passengers and cargo and a comfortable ride. Unlike other SUVs, it doesn't have any of the "truckiness" that buyers have come to despise. By comparison, the Pontiac Aztek is a bad piece of art, while the Rendezvous is a beautiful auto art. The style is described as "refined ruggedness" by the vehicle's manufacturer, General Motors. Buick built the SUV on the same structure as the GM's short-wheelbase minivans: Chevrolet Venture and Pontiac Montana. Buick put a four-speed automatic gearbox and a V6 engine in Rendezvous with all-wheel drive as an option. The Rendezvous significantly outsold GM's expectations of 30,000 to 40,000 vehicles per year, helping to counterbalance the dismal sales of the Pontiac Aztek, with which it used a Ramos Arizpe, Mexico, production line. On July 5th, 2007, the final Rendezvous went off the production line.


Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP): $25,795 for the Rendezvous CX, while the CXL is $29,370 and can quickly reach $35,000 when completely loaded.
Although the Rendezvous has a premium nameplate, its estimated resale value may not be as great as other SUVs in the automotive industry.


Buick used its Park Avenue sedan as a baseline for the Rendezvous' handling and performance. Buick equipped the model with a fully independent rear suspension whatever the extra equipment or trim level to deliver a pleasant and responsive car-like ride. When it comes to SUVs, minivans, luxury sedans, and station wagons, the Buick Rendezvous falls somewhere in between. A luxurious interior, versatile cargo and seating options, and a smooth ride are just some of the features you'll find in this vehicle. The model is an SUV-like vehicle that can accommodate up to seven people. Buick offered this model in two trims: the CX and the CXL. No matter whatever model you choose, you'll get the same 4-speed automatic transmission and the same V6 engine (195 horsepower). The CXL model features luxury characteristics, including leather seats and woodgrain interior details. Tire pressure monitoring and four-wheel disc antilock braking systems are standard equipment on the Rendezvous. Second-row captain's seats that you can remove are an option.

  • 112.2-inch wheelbase | 186.5 inches long | 68.9 inches tall
  • 17-inch steel wheels
  • Acoustic laminated windshield
  • Removable second-row captain's seat (option)
  • 108.9 cubic feet cargo volume
  • 4-by-8-foot panel
  • Traction control system (CX models option)
  • Ultrasonic Rear Park Assist system (CXL)
  • XM Satellite Radio
  • Touch-screen navigation system
  • DVD entertainment system (option)
  • Six-disc CD changer (option)


The 2007 Buick Rendezvous engine delivers 195 hp (143 kW) at 5,200 rpm and 215 lb-ft (292 Nm) at 4,000 rpm for the model's maximum torque. Buick sold the Rendezvous as a front-wheel-drive (FWD) vehicle powered by a 4-speed automatic V6 engine.

Release Date

Buick introduced the Rendezvous in the spring of 2001 together with the Pontiac Aztek as General Motors' first attempt at the crossover SUV automotive sector.