Complete Buick Terraza lineup, specs, economy, dimensions

2005 Buick Terraza - Technical Specs, Fuel economy, Dimensions2004 - 2007 Buick Terraza MinivanTerraza3 Trims 203 to 237 Hp

The Buick Terraza is a luxury minivan offered by Buick from 2005 to 2007. With a four-speed automatic gearbox, the 2005 Buick Terraza is a seven-passenger luxury minivan that you can buy with AWD. All-new Terraza, Buick's newest crossover sport van, adds a richness of style, convenience, and beauty to the premium mid-van category with its unique design. In addition to its seven-passenger capacity, Terraza's ability to transport a large amount of baggage and its SV design and all-weather driving capabilities make it a perfect fit for Buick's mid-van customers.

History of Buick Terraza

The Buick Terraza was the upscale counterpart of the Chevrolet Uplander and Pontiac Montana. It was a car for individuals who wanted a premium experience in addition to the MPV's convenience. The North American market's desire for MPVs was more significant than most of the world's. There was no genuine demand for family automobiles to manage better because most streets were smooth. Long wheelbases and soft suspensions were widely respected. It would be great if seven-seater variants were available. Some, though, were dissatisfied and demanded greater opulence. The Buick Terraza arrived. Its fascia appeared to be significant. The black grille with vertical slats and the Buick shields in the center demonstrated how successfully badge-engineering worked for GM products. In 2005, Buick introduced the Terraza with one 3.5 L High-Value V6 engine with an MSRP of $28,110. The 3.5 L V6 engine was deleted for 2007, keeping the 3.9 L as the standard engine. As a result, the company removed the available AWD system since it couldn't manage the 3.9 L engine's torque. For 2007, Buick also introduced a flex-fuel variant of the 3.9 L V6. In IIHS crash testing, the Terraza received three "Good"s (the best possible rating) and two "acceptable"s (the second highest possible score). According to the EPA, the Terraza got 19 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway. The Terraza starts at $27,790, is the most luxurious GM minivan, and was available in two trim levels: CX and CXL.


Buick's Terraza minivan is built on the same platform as Pontiac, Saturn, and Chevrolet. The company sold the Terraza with three trim levels and different prices. The standard CX model is $27,275 MSRP, the CX PLUS is $28,615 MSRP, and the luxury CXL is $31,395.


Buick Terraza Interior

The three-color inside was not the greatest decision, but the carmaker made an effort to include wood accents while remaining cost-effective. The Terraza came standard with a 7-seat capacity, with captain seats in the center row. They could have expanded the compartment by folding the back and center rows of seats down to produce a flat platform. The CXL comes standard with additional steering-wheel-mounted audio settings and a horn pad with the Buick logo. The CXL comes standard with sill panels with chrome inlays that feature the 'Buick' brand. The radio controls have a distinctive chrome finish. Chrome trim details may be seen on the spear trim piece and the door switch plate. Terraza's three-spoke steering wheel is color-keyed and leather-wrapped, with beautiful, dark burled wood spokes. Two available interior colors are medium gray and new cashmere color. Terraza's seats are characterized by different color piping and a corresponding deck stitch, giving them an attractive appearance similar to high-end premium brands. The first two rows of Terraza CX seats feature fabric inserts with leather bolsters, whereas the first two rows of Terraza CXL seats have leather.

Buick Terraza Exterior

This crossover sport van has a unique look thanks to a mix of SV and mid-van style elements. The Terraza's squared-off front fascia and high hood are sport utility vehicle-like aesthetic characteristics. Terraza's monochrome design, mixed with chrome accents on body-side moldings, doorknobs, the uplevel roof rail, and the back license plate brow, puts a beautiful spin on its tough aspect. The model also has large C-pillars and 17-inch wheels. On the other hand, Buick's gentle sculpted shapes are unmistakably Buick. The Terraza's grille is a modern take on a classic Buick design. Buick's Centieme concept car is represented by vertical bars and a chrome border. Vivid chrome details on the door handle complement Terraza's appearance, among many other areas.


2007 Buick Terraza Front-wheel Drive Passenger Van The Buick Terraza engine delivers 240 hp (177 kW) at 6,000 rpm and 240 lb-ft (325 Nm) at 4,800 rpm for the model's maximum torque. The Buick Terraza accelerates from 0 to 60 mph (96 kph) in 11 seconds with a curb weight of 4,828 lbs (2,190 kg) and a top speed of 112 mph (180 kph). Buick sold the Terraza as a front-wheel-drive (FWD) vehicle powered by a 3.9L V6 engine.

Release Date

Buick released the luxury minivan from June 20, 2004, to June 21, 2007. After the 2007 model year, the Terraza was discontinued, and they set GM's Doraville facility to close in 2008.
Due to low minivan sales in North America, GM has abandoned the minivan market. The Buick Enclave has replaced the Terraza for 2008.