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The Chevrolet Nubira is a compact car marketed by Chevrolet in some Europen Markets.

History of the Chevrolet Nubira

Chevrolet Nubira (2002–2004)

After acquiring the remnants of the former Korean automaker Daewoo, General Motors attempted to implement the plans and projects developed by Daewoo's engineers, such as the Lacetti. Since it shared parts with a discontinued Daewoo model, the Lacetti was sold as the Nubira in some regions. The Nubira 2002, however, was unique. Developed after the end of the bio-design era, it had a design credited to Giorgetto Giugiaro. The Nubira hatchback's thin headlights were square on the inside and rounded on the outside. There was a combination of GM-sourced and Daewoo-developed power plants under the hood. The 1.4L, 95-horsepower base model's engine got things moving. The 2.0L naturally aspirated motor found in the top-of-the-line Leganza is now standard on the top-of-the-line Leganza. To conclude, the Chevrolet Nubira was available with a 2.0L turbo-diesel engine in select areas.

Chevrolet Nubira (2004–2009)

GM maintained several Daewoo Motor Corporation initiatives, and with the help of Daewoo's expertise, GM introduced a revised Nubira line in 2002, with a modified version appearing in 2004. The Nubira was an acceptable sedan or hatchback, with a reasonable price and sufficient amenities for a growing family. It was an economical family sedan that provided good features at an affordable price. The station wagon was designed similarly, but sales were much slower due to the lack of interest in that body style. Though, it did keep the Nubira nameplate on more types of automobiles. Gasoline and turbo-diesel engines from Opel or VM Motori were standard and mated to a 5-speed manual transmission in all Chevrolet vehicles. Some models and markets of the Nubira were offered an automatic transmission from General Motors.

Chevrolet Nubira 4-Door (2004–2009)

Following the acquisition of the rest of Daewoo Motor Corporation, General Motors (GM) continued the development of the Daewoo brand's projects, such as the Nubira (released in 2004), under the bow-tie brand. There was only one car, but the manufacturer sold it under two different names (Nubira and Lacetti) to cater to other markets. It debuted in 2002 alongside a Pininfarina-designed sedan and a Bertone-styled hatchback. It wasn't until two years later that GM thought a rebranding might boost sales.


The price range for the sedan model year 2005-2009 Chevrolet Nubira is 1,200-2,300 Euros ($1,181–$2,264). Comparatively, the Chevrolet Nubira's pricing is around the same as that of similarly equipped vehicles. However, it is about 21% less than that of similarly aged sedans.

Features of the Chevrolet Nubira

Exterior Features

The 2002 model had rounded surfaces and sharp edges, while the 2005 Nubira had a broader chrome grille and larger headlights. The Lacetti's bumper included a pair of fog lights. However, this feature was only available on higher-end trims. The B and C pillars, both black, gave the automobile an air of sophistication that belied its status as a budget vehicle. As part of the rear-end redesign, Chevrolet installed new taillights on the flanks without cutting across the trunk lid as part of the rear end redesign.

Interior Features

As available extras, wood trims were added to the dashboard and door panels, among other interior upgrades. It aimed to cover up the center stack and console's cheap plastics with a two-tone design. Two adults could ride comfortably in the back, but three would be a squeeze.

Release Date

General Motors released the Chevrolet Nubira from 2002 to 2009.