Complete Chrysler Dynasty lineup, specs, economy, dimensions

1988 Chrysler Dynasty - Technical Specs, Fuel economy, Dimensions1988 - 1993 Chrysler Dynasty SedanDynasty3 Trims 101 to 163 Hp

The Chrysler Dynasty is one of the largest Chrysler K-car variants manufactured by Chrysler starting in 1988. It shares its body with the New Yorker and while that leads to a few similarities (especially in size) there are enough differences to warrant us having a conversation about it. Better known to the world as the Dodge Dynasty (with the exception of Canada & Mexico where it was sold under the Chrysler brand) this car served many people and was especially popular as the first car to that generation of new drivers.

Over the years Chrysler has been responsible for introducing many ‘firsts’ to the market. The Dynasty is no exception as it was the first mass-produced car to have a fully multiplexed, fiber optic Buss wiring that connects all electronics which allows for a greatly reduced weight. But again, this is no surprise as Chrysler has in part made its name due to innovation.

Today, the Dynasty might look familiar on the outside, but that’s because its exterior design inspired a lot of ‘copycats’. Just like the New Yorker, this car’s large base and disproportionately long front make you think of safety and spaciousness.

Powered by a 2.5L inline-4 engine, a 3L Mitsubishi V6 or the most common 3.3 Liter EGA V6, the dynasty delivers the expected amount of performance from a low-to-mid-range 4-door sedan (The V6 variants being able to deliver around 150 horsepower). Only automatic transmission was available with a choice between 3-speed and 4-speed gearboxes. Handling and suspension are competent, especially considering the larger size of the car.

Inside the cabin, you are greeted with a lot of roominess and seating that looks fairly standard but manages to account for a very comfortable ride, especially on long highway journeys. Leather seats are an optional upgrade that further improves the comfort levels of the ride. The base equipment isn’t too impressive, but if you went for a higher level trim you would get a few more toys for your money. These included a load-leveling suspension that further improved the car in that department. You would also get an upgrade on the wheels (going up to 14-inch), dual 6-way power seats that include memory for the driver’s seat, and side mirrors.

The base stereo and sound system aren’t anything impressive, but you are able to upgrade to an Infinity stereo that includes a power antenna and built-in equalizer. This sound system is almost a must-have upgrade if you are interested in getting a better experience in the audio department. The Dynasty comes with a decent amount of storage space and later models included an overhead console with a storage bin as well as a console with cassette storage to go in hand with the sound system.  

When it comes to safety, the Chrysler Dynasty has a few good things to offer. We have a 4-wheel disc anti-lock braking system, driver’s side airbag, and child-proof door locks. The bumpers were upgraded to withstand five-mph impacts starting with the 1990 models onwards. Rear seat passengers get three-point seatbelts as well. Overall, the Dynasty is a car that offers good safety, which is just one of the reasons it became popular as a first car choice for parents to get their freshly minted driver. Plus, the fuel economy is good enough for a daily city driver.

The Chrysler Dynasty was a fine addition to the ever-expanding portfolio of the manufacturer and one that served them well, was known to be reliable and in general, did fairly well on the market. It wasn’t until the release of the Dodge Intrepid that the Dynasty was replaced, but despite that, it continued to stay in circulation for a long time.