Complete Ferrari Mondial lineup, specs, economy, dimensions

1980 Ferrari Mondial - Technical Specs, Fuel economy, Dimensions1980 - 1993 Ferrari Mondial CoupeMondial5 Trims 214 to 300 Hp 1983 Ferrari Mondial t Cabriolet - Technical Specs, Fuel economy, Dimensions1983 - 1993 Ferrari Mondial CabrioletMondial t Cabriolet4 Trims 240 to 300 Hp

The Ferrari Mondial is a mid-engine V8 grand tourer produced by Ferrari, an Italian car manufacturer, from 1980 to 1993. Pininfarina designed the vehicle alongside the expertise of Carrozzeria Scaglietti for the bodywork. Ferrari created the Mondial as the replacement model for the 208/308 GT4.

History of Ferrari Mondial

The Mondial was, at the time, one of Ferrari's most financially successful vehicles, with over 6,000 examples made throughout its thirteen-year production run. The Mondial had multiple revisions during its lifespan with four different types manufactured:

  • Mondial 8
  • Mondial QV
  • Mondial 3.2
  • Mondial t

Ferrari Mondial 8 (1980 - 1982)

In addition to being Ferrari's second 2+2 mid-engine model, the Mondial was the only Ferrari vehicle offered in both coupe and convertible configurations for over ten years. Given its unpleasant performance, Ferrari's best practical vehicle is still the Mondial 8. When it comes to this vehicle's maintenance, the engine/transmission subframe usually is not required.

Ferrari Mondial Quattrovalvole (1982 - 1985)

Ferrari launched the Mondial Quattrovalvole in 1982, two years after Mondial 8 was first released because the 2+2 rear-engined coupe was deemed insufficiently powerful. As suggested by its name, this model's engine featured four rather than two valves per cylinder. The company modeled the engine's combustion chamber after the one used in the early 1980s Formula 1 vehicle, and it now produced 240 hp instead of the previous 190. The Mondial Quattrovalvole is nearly identical to the original model, aside from the addition of red engine heads and the name "Quattrovalvole" on the back of the car. Ferrari built a total of 1,145 units for the Mondial Quattrovalvole.

Ferrari Mondial 3.2 (1985 - 1989)

Pininfarina did an excellent job designing the Mondial, and the people from Detroit to Tokyo praised the automobile. As a four-seater, this was already the absolute ruler in Europe. Customers had been clamoring for more power for Ferrari, and the company finally delivered in 1985. People didn't like the 205 hp engine that powered the first generation Mondial when it debuted in 1980. There were more powerful family cars out there. Ferrari achieved 240 horsepower using its four-valves-per-cylinder technology, launched in 1982. Finally, in 1985, the real bargain arrived: the 3.2L Mondial, which had 40 horsepower more than the Mondial Quattrovalvole.

Ferrari Mondial t (1989 - 1993)

The Mondial t, the last version, was introduced in 1989 and had significant upgrades, particularly in the powertrain section. The 'T' has something to do with the new engine and gearbox setup. But unlike the previous model, which had a transversely placed engine, the Mondial t featured a longitudinally installed 3.4 V8 mated to a transverse 5-speed transmission, resulting in a T. Throughout the 1980s, this arrangement was also employed on Ferrari Formula One vehicles.


The Mondial 8 was available in the United States for the 1981 model year with a starting price of $64,000, which is $202,423 in 2022. But despite its low price, it was still more premium than its competitors at the time. The following are the original MSRP of other Mondial models:

  • Ferrari Mondial Quattrovalvole - $63,939 ($184,565 in 2022)
  • Ferrari Mondial 3.2 - $76,400 ($185,674 in 2022)
  • Ferrari Mondial t - $96,300 ($223,279 IN 2022)


Interior Features of Ferrari Mondial

The inside of the Mondial was significantly better than the 308 GT4's. Ferrari integrated the steering column into the dashboard, and they included the style of the door panels into the dashboard's layout. While Ferrari moved the shifter closer to the driver, the center console was broader. This element was also present in the Testarossa. With the parking brake lever between both the driver's seat and the door sill, you don't see this feature very frequently these days. Genuine two-seater comfort is provided with the Ferrari Mondial. Depending on the length of the trip, one or two people of average size can fit in the back seat, while children or smaller adults can travel with them. With inertia-reel seat belts, all seats are substantially bucket-shaped, especially those in the back. Aside from the upper door linings and black vinyl dashboard, the interior and seats of all Mondial models have Connolly hide detailing. Azzurro (blue), Nero (black), and Rosso Corsa or Rosso Dino (red) are the most popular paint, upholstery, and carpet color combinations, with beige, black, and tan leather most commonly used.

Exterior Features of Ferrari Mondial

To differentiate it from the GT4, Pierangelo Andreani designed the Mondial 8, who had just teamed up at Pininfarina and was later modified by Ferrari's longtime collaborator Leonardo Fioravanti. Likewise, this model had a wedge form motif, an extended deck lid portion, a radiator grille positioned behind the front bumper, and five-spoked wheels. Other features made it unique, such as the wrap-around black plastic system featuring headlights, rear fender vents, and front turn signals. Some felt that the Mondial's design lacked Ferrari flair. Two of the most visible differences between it and its predecessor were the black wrap-around bumpers and the higher glass housing. It wasn't particularly unattractive compared to other sports cars of the time, but the Mondial's lack of aggression compared to earlier wedge-shaped Ferraris seemed to offend enthusiasts.

Release Date

Ferrari started the production run of Ferrari Mondial in 1980 and lasted until 1993.