Complete Honda Concerto lineup, specs, economy, dimensions

1989 Honda Concerto (HW) - Technical Specs, Fuel economy, Dimensions1989 - 1995 Honda Concerto SedanConcerto (HW)5 Trims 90 to 122 Hp 1989 Honda Concerto Hatch (HW) - Technical Specs, Fuel economy, Dimensions1989 - 1995 Honda Concerto HatchbackConcerto Hatch (HW)5 Trims 90 to 122 Hp

The Honda Concerto is a 4-door sedan with a 5-door liftback vehicle co-developed by the Japanese car manufacturer Honda and the British motor manufacturer, Austin Rover Group. There were two versions released in Europe and Japan: one was constructed in the United Kingdom and sold in Europe under license in October 1989, while the other debuted in Japan on June 15, 1988. The production run of Concerto in Japan lasted until October 1992, while it lasted until 1994 in Europe.

History of the Honda Concerto

Honda's Concerto was a historic vehicle, even if you didn't realize it. Following the Ballade/Acclaim partnership between Honda and Triumph, the Concerto/Rover 200 strengthened the collaboration and motivated Honda to expand its UK operations. Honda's more specialized appeal and lack of cultural legacy have likely made it a better secondhand buy than Rover's 200. It was also built at Longbridge, Birmingham, but with slightly different grille designs and bonnet. The range comprised a 1.4 GL, a 1.6L 105bhp EX, and the top-of-the-line 1.6L 16-valve SX, which produced a strong 129 hp when Honda first launched it in 1991. The 1.4L engine was phased out in January 1992 in favor of a 1.5i with 89 horsepower, while they launched the Blaise special edition model in November of the same year. The SX variant was discontinued in 1993 and replaced by the 1.6-16 and the 1.6-16SE. A more upscale alternative to the Concerto is the Civic, which has now taken its place.


A used Honda Concerto has a starting price of $2,200 for the base model and $3,850 for the top-of-the-line model.

Features of the Honda Concerto

Honda kept the seats low for a more comfortable driving experience and kept straight lines in place. In addition to the 400 liters (14.1 cu-ft) of space in the trunk, the Concerto could transport up to 1200 liters with the backseats folded down (42.4 cu-ft). Customers could fold the back seat in half for more accessible storage, which was a plus. Honda's use of angular styling in their automobiles ended during this period. The Accord has already had a makeover, and the Civic's fifth-generation will feature a curved external design. The Concerto resembled the Civic's fourth generation with clean lines and angular-looking headlamps on its exterior bumpers. At the very least, it had smooth door handles and body-colored door mirrors. The rear of the Concerto differed significantly from the fourth-generation Civic in that it had a tailgate and an additional set of glass behind the C-pillars.

Release Date

Honda and Austin Rover Group released the Honda Concerto in June 1988 in Japan and in October 1989 in Europe. They discontinued the model in October 1992 for the Japanese market and in 1994 for the European market.