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The Honda Quint is a 5-door subcompact car manufactured and marketed by Honda, a Japanese car manufacturer, between 1980 to 1985 for the Japanese market. Honda built the Quint model to replace the Honda Integra. After five years, the company introduced the new Honda Concerto and superseded the Quint model.

History of the Honda Quint

As a five-door liftback variant of the Civic, Honda released the Quint model in the Japanese market in February 1980. They offered it through the Honda Verno retail channel. Originally known as the Honda Quintet, the Quint was made publicly available to international markets in 1981, including Europe and Southeast Asia.

Australian Market

From 1983 through 1985, Jaguar Rover Australia sold the Honda Quint under Australia's "Rover Quintet" nameplate. The Quintet was the very first Honda to have the Rover nameplate when it was built in Japan by Honda. Seats were covered in Moquette fabric and had wood trim like later Honda-based Rovers built in the UK, including the Rover Quintet. Standard equipment included a Pioneer stereo cassette player. A rebadged Honda Integra called the Rover 416i succeeded Rover Quintet.


If you're interested in buying a used Honda Quint, you have to prepare at least $2,000 for the cheapest vehicle up to $4,000 for the most expensive used Honda Quint.

Features of the Honda Quint

  • Wheelbase - 2,520 mm (99 in)
  • Length - 4,380 mm (172 in)
  • Width - 1,665 mm (66 in)
  • Height - 1,345 mm (53 in)
  • Ground Clearance - 160 mm (6 in)
  • Speed-Sensitive Power Steering
  • Fully Independent Suspension
  • Macpherson Struts and Front
  • Rear Anti-roll Bars
  • Air Conditioning
  • Central Locking
  • Electric Windows
  • Electric Sunroof

Specs and Performance of the Honda Quint

Honda installed a 1.6L EP type CVCC I4 engine for the Honda Quint, and this model delivers 79 hp (59 kW) at 6,500 rpm and 93 lb-ft (127 Nm) of torque at 4,000 rpm. This Honda Quint accelerates from 0-60 mph (97 kph) in 9.2 seconds with a top speed of 117 mph (188 kph). The car's curb weight is 1,984 lbs (900 kg). Honda manufactured the Quint model with a 5-speed manual, a 3-speed Hondamatic transmission, and a front-wheel-drive (FWD) drivetrain.

Release Date

Honda released the Honda Quint from 1980 to 1985 specifically for the Japanese market. From 1983 to 19875, Jaguar Rover Australia sold the Honda Quint in the Australian market under the "Rover Quintet" nameplate.