Complete Hyundai S-Coupe lineup, specs, economy, dimensions

1989 Hyundai S-Coupe (SLC) - Technical Specs, Fuel economy, Dimensions1989 - 1996 Hyundai S-Coupe CoupeS-Coupe (SLC)4 Trims 84 to 115 Hp

The Hyundai Scoupe is a 2-door coupé manufactured and marketed by the South Korean car manufacturer Hyundai from 1988 to 1995. The carmaker based this model on the Hyundai Excel and named it after a portmanteau of "sporty" and "coupe," which was called "scoop."

History of the Hyundai Scoupe

Hyundai Scoupe (1990–1992)

Hyundai first sold the Scoupe model in the United States between December 1988 and 1995. Hyundai attempted to meet the growing demand for cheap coupe automobiles by developing a compact coupe based on Excel's second generation. Hyundai was still a long way behind the competition in 1990. The Korean automaker was still catching up, but with Mitsubishi's aid, it was able to accelerate its development. It was like a magical automotive firm that grew its market share quickly. Hyundai created the Scoupe to compete with automobiles like the Honda Civic, Nissan Pulsar NX, and Toyota Tercel. Hyundai placed a Mitsubishi 1.5L engine under the bonnet. The 5-speed manual gearbox was standard. The Scoupe was updated by the automaker in 1993 and remained in production until 1996.

Hyundai Scoupe (1992–1996)

Only two years after it first hit the market, Hyundai updated the S-Coupe, or Scoupe, with a younger breed of engines in addition to cosmetic updates. Compared to the 1990 S-Coupe, the facelifted version appeared more polished. It has a firmer suspension than Hyundai Excel, even though it was built on the same platform. Hyundai fitted a brand-new Alpha engine under the hood, which you may have with or without a turbocharger. Much effort made the 1.5L more powerful, but not by that much. A five-speed manual or a four-speed automatic transmission were options for the normally aspirated model.
Regarding turbocharged models, Hyundai only offered a five-speed manual.


In 1994, Hyundai retailed the Scoupe model with a starting price of $9,499 for the base model, which is $18,734 at the 2022 exchange rate.


The instrument panel was large and curved toward the driver on the inside, making it appear more spacious. Hyundai also covered the central stack. Thanks to a huge tachometer on the left, the panel has a dynamic vibe. However, there was enough bolstering in the front bucket seats that they weren't overbearing. It was more of a fashion statement than a safety feature. Hyundai's S-Coupe had a capacity for four adults, although the backseats were a little tight. There were two adults and two children in the vehicle. Headlights that were flush with the grille and curved lines were added to the car's new front fascia. To compensate for the need to rebuild the front fenders, the manufacturer highlighted the sides of the vehicle, making it appear larger. You will find newly designed taillights with smoked lenses for reversing lights and a reshaped trunk lid at the rear of the vehicle. Hyundai added a third brake light to the rear wing.

Release Date

Hyundai manufactured and released the Scoupe model from 1988 to 1995. The Hyundai Tiburon replaced the model after its discontinuation.