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The MG MGR is a front-engined, rear-wheel-drive car manufactured and marketed by MG Motor from 1992 to 1995.

History of the MG MGR

The MGRV8 was conceived in 1988, following the successful reintroduction of the new MGB bodies back into production by British Motor Heritage. The MG RV8 is a heavily revised MGB powered by a 3.9L Rover V8 engine delivering 185bhp, delivered to the rear wheels via a 5-speed Rover gearbox. The car was shown at the 1993 Tokyo Motor Show and this created a huge demand for the cars as a result around 1500 of the 1983 total were exported there. The MG RV8 was an expensive car priced as it was at £26,500 when introduced. However, the price was partly to regulate demand as the body supply was comfortable at 15 per week and could peak at 18, so it could never be a volume-produced car. It was a means to put MG back on the map and it did this extremely well setting the ground for the MGF.


In 1995, MG retailed the MG MGR with a starting MSRP of £26,500, which is around £60,209 ($72,762) in 2022.

Features of the MG MGR

Exterior Features

External body panels were revised to provide the car with a distinctive departure from the MGB although the clear original MGB proportions can still be clearly seen. The new body panels accommodated the axles' wider track, and wider wheels and tires. In addition, the front lamps are distinctive with Porsche 911 headlamps and at the rear were specially commissioned rear lamps.

Interior Features

The interior of the car provided generous quantities of traditional wood and leather, the latter specifically in a light color that created a bright cabin experience, although demands that owners have regular cleaning and leather feeding opportunities.

Release Date

The MG MGR was released between 1992 and 1995.