Complete Nissan Wingroad lineup, specs, economy, dimensions

1999 Nissan Wingroad (Y11) - Technical Specs, Fuel economy, Dimensions1999 - 2005 Nissan Wingroad Station wagonWingroad (Y11)3 Trims 105 to 150 Hp 1996 Nissan Wingroad (Y10) - Technical Specs, Fuel economy, Dimensions1996 - 1999 Nissan Wingroad Station wagonWingroad (Y10)2 Trims 105 Hp

The Nissan Wingroad was a subcompact van and wagon produced from 1982 to 2018. It was related to the Nissan AD, which was the moniker for the commercial variants while the Wingroad was used for the passenger cars.

Nissan Wingroad Design and Introduction

The first generation Nissan AD was released in 1982 as a commercial delivery multi-purpose van/wagon, available in three and five-door versions. But this model did not come as a passenger Wingroad model. In 1990, the second generation Nissan AD came to the market, and six years later in 1996, Nissan added the Wingroad passenger option to the lineup. This marks the first usage of the Wingroad name as a Nissan AD model, but the Wingroad term was first seen as a trim level on the Nissan Bluebird (U11 Series). In some ways, the Wingroad was an oversized vehicle compared to many other Japanese sedans and wagons. But Nissan leveraged this space to create a vehicle that would be attractive to those looking for a miniature recreational vehicle. 

Engine and Available Options

To ensure the Nissan Wingroad was up to the task, it featured the largest engine available in the AD lineup, a 2.0L SR20DE inline-4, as well as the 1.8L inline-4. While a diesel option and smaller 1.3L and 1.5L gasoline engines were available on the Nissan AD, they were not featured on the passenger-focused Wingroad. Most models were front-wheel drive, but to provide the off-road capability that some consumers wanted in this small RV-like vehicle, four-wheel drive was available as an option. In later years of this generation, a larger rear end with a rear overhang extension was used on the Wingroad, providing more interior space.

Second Generation Nissan Wingroad

In 1999, the third generation Nissan AD (Y11) was released, ushering in the second generation of the Nissan Wingroad. It was available solely as a wagon model, like the past generation, and the Wingroad continued to be used to designate the passenger vehicle variant. It was built on the Nissan MS platform. The Wingroad continued to use the largest engine in the AD's lineup, which remained a 2.0L inline-4, as well as 1.5L and 1.8L options for those who wanted a smaller engine. The drivetrain options continued to include both front-wheel and four-wheel drive, with the four-wheel drive option getting multi-link rear suspension and the 1.8L engine in most cases. The Wingroad options continued to increase in luxury amenities over the years,  with later additions including a flip-down TV for rear passenger entertainment, body kit packages, and exclusive limited offerings. 

2006 Updates

In 2006, the Nissan AD (Y12) fourth generation was released, which meant the Wingroad hit its third generation of design. It was now built on the Nissan B platform and remained a five-door wagon. The engine choices now included 1.5L, 1.6L, and 1.8L options, while the larger 2.0L was dropped from the lineup. A four-speed automatic or continuously variable transmission were fitted. The Wingroad trim levels continued to be expansive, including four-wheel drive variants with many different specialty packages to choose from. Later updates included an intelligent key and a facelift in 2016. Eventually, the Nissan AD continued forward but the Nissan Wingroad was discontinued in 2018. The model continues to serve as a commercial vehicle with more limited options, while those looking for a more spacious and capable Nissan vehicle can now look to the many compact crossover SUV options instead.