Complete Pontiac Montana lineup, specs, economy, dimensions

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The Pontiac Montana is a minivan manufactured and marketed by the Pontiac division of General Motors from 1997 to 2009. The Pontiac Trans Sport Montana was the name used for this vehicle from its debut until 1998.

History of the Pontiac Montana

First Generation Pontiac Montana (1996–2004)

The Montana was a trim option for the Pontiac Trans Sport van produced between 1997 and 1998. In the model year 1999 (the model year 2000 in Canada), General Motors renamed the van simply as the Montana, dropping the Trans Sport moniker.

This generation shared a connection with the previous generations of the following:

  • Buick GL8
  • Chevrolet Venture
  • Oldsmobile Silhouette
  • Vauxhall Sintra
  • Opel Sintra

The Pontiac Montana was also available in Europe under the name Opel Sintra. Although the American version was popular with customers, its twin wasn't as successful. It was a wise decision for the North American continent, especially given there were two different wheelbase options available. The Trans Sport didn't feature the same pointed nose as its predecessor. It had a more traditional appearance, with a high front fascia and a large grille. Two sliding doors were included as standard equipment on the MPV. A power-operated curbside door was available. Two front bucket seats and two split-folding benches make up the center and back rows of the vehicle's conventional seven-passenger seating. Pontiac included four captain seats in a different seven-passenger variant. Eight passengers could be accommodated in rows of split benches and modular bucket seats inside the middle row. The Montana had a 4-speed automatic transmission and a 3.4L V6 engine. All-wheel drive was an option, while front-wheel drive was the standard.


  • 3.4L (207 CID) LA1 V6

Second Generation Pontiac Montana (2005–2009)

With an option of a short or long wheelbase, Pontiac debuted the second version of the Montana in 2005. However, it was only produced for around three years because of weak sales. The Big Three of Detroit fiercely competed in the MPV market, and GM tried to attract more customers to its products by marketing the giant minivan under many brand names. Pontiac was designed to have a sportier appearance, despite customers' not wanting a minivan to have an aggressive posture. The Montana's engine bay featured a 3.5L V6 and a 3.9L engine. Later, Pontiac only offered the MPV with the stronger engine. The Montana was sold in Mexico until the 2009 model year, with only the 3.9 L V6 engine being available. To the untrained eye, the Pontiac Montana SV6 sold by General Motors looks identical to the now-defunct North American version yet differs from the Canadian-specification version. Some areas of Canada rebranded unsold 2009 cars as 2010 models. It wasn't until 2010 that some of these were converted into taxis for use in Toronto and Montreal.


  • 3.5L LX9 V6
  • 3.9L LZ9 V6
  • 3.9L LGD V6 (Canada only)


In 2006, Pontiac retailed the Pontiac Montana with a starting MSRP of $24,250 ($35,702 in 2022) for the base model, rising to $27,750 ($40,855 in 2022) for the top-of-the-line variant.


Exterior Features

The Montana's front fascia, inspired by crossovers, had a massive bumper extending from the bonnet toward the apron. It also had the distinctive Pontiac grille, a wide slat across the middle, and recessed headlamps. It had the standard minivan profile, with a large greenhouse and lots of glass. Behind the vehicle, you can see a big tailgate and taillights mounted high above the bumper. The wheel arches were shaped to resemble those of an SUV.

Interior Features

The automaker outfitted the interior to accommodate seven people, with captain's chairs in the middle row and a bench seat in the back for three more. Passengers had little trouble boarding the bus due to its wide sliding doors. The dashboard was covered in plastic, and the colors were dull and uninteresting.

Specs and Performance of the Pontiac Montana


  • 3.5L LX9 V6
  • 3.9L LZ9 V6
  • 3.9L LGD V6 (Canada only)

The Pontiac Montana's 3.9L engine delivers 240 hp (179 kW) at 6,000 rpm and 245 lb-ft (332 Nm) at 4,800 rpm of torque. Pontiac marketed the Montana as a front-wheel-drive (FWD) vehicle, and it was available with a 4-speed automatic GM Turbo Hydramatic 4T65-E transmission. The Pontiac Montana accelerates from 0 to 60 mph (0 to 97 kph) in 8.6 seconds, with a top speed of 132 mph (212 kph). Dimension-wise, the Pontiac Montana's long wheelbase measures 5,222 mm (205.6 in) long, 1,829 mm (72.0 in) wide, and 1,829 mm (72.0 in) high. Its wheelbase measures 3,076 mm (121.1 in) and has a curb weight of 4,206 lbs (1,908 kg).

Release Date

General Motors released the Pontiac Montana from 1997 to 2009 for its Pontiac division. At the beginning of 2006, GM stated that the Montana (SV6) would be phased out of production in the United States after 2006 due to weak sales. However, it would remain manufactured in Canada and Mexico due to the SV6's greater popularity there. There are no direct replacements for the Montana SV6 since the Pontiac brand was discontinued in 2010.