Complete Toyota Allion lineup, specs, economy, dimensions

2001 Toyota Allion - Technical Specs, Fuel economy, Dimensions2001 - 2004 Toyota Allion SedanAllion4 Trims 109 to 152 Hp

The Toyota Allion is a 4-door sedan manufactured and marketed by the Japanese multinational car manufacturer Toyota from 2001 to 2021. It was marketed alongside its twin, Toyota Premio. The Allion replaced the Carina, a model that first appeared in 1970. The Carina ED, a four-door hardtop sedan that appeared in 1985, was replaced by the Brevis, which was briefly available with the Allion until 2007. The Allion is exclusive to Toyota Store dealerships, as a smaller companion to the Crown.

History of the Toyota Allion

Toyota is one of the most popular Japanese companies around the world. This company was founded by Khichiro Toyoda in 1937. Toyota is the 9th largest company in the world. They made and sold many cars all over the world. Toyota Premio is one of the popular cars made by Toyota. Toyota Premio is  Sedan sold in Japan from 2001 to 2020 by Toyota. They have another car Toyota Allion which is called Premio's twin. Toyota Premio is the four-door hardtop sedan that appeared in 1989 replaced by the 'Progres' and it was available with the Premio until 2007. The name Premio meaning is 'play on words for premium' and Allion is created based on a phrase "all in one". These amazing two cars were mechanically identical to the Avensis. Avensis is a 5 door sedan. The first-generation Premio was luxurious compared to the  Allion. Premio got a beautiful look through wood trim and chrome accents. And Allion was considered to be an executive type modifications option made for the first generation Allion is not made or marked for the Premium. The second-generation cars share the interior appearance and optional equipment, with exterior visual differences. Free option packages are offered with the three different engines. The first generation Premio was launched on 25 December 2001. This car has a special approach to the customers, especially younger customers. The Premio can be customized with front spoilers and rear-mounted trunk wings, as well as ground effect body parts to enhance the appearance of the vehicle specially designed and sold by Toyota. On 20 December 2004 Premio got a modest restyle with the introduction of an LED taillight. This car has three engine sizes 1.5L,1.8L and 2L.


Toyota retails the 2022 Toyota Allion in the Chinese market with an MSRP of around $27,660.

Features of the Toyota Allion

The Toyota Allion makes its debut outside of the home market of Japan for the first time, but don't be misled into thinking it's a brand-new model. Now that the new Allion for China debuted at the Guangzhou Auto Expo, it became clear that it is essentially just a Corolla (see video) with 50 mm (2”) of wheelbase added to give the rear seat occupants more legroom. It rides on 18-inch wheels, has plenty of chrome accents, and boasts a new front fascia and redesigned brake lights. The finish inside is also marginally more expensive than usual.

Specs and Performance of the Toyota Allion

  • 2.0-liter non-turbo engine

Powering the Allion is a 2.0-liter non-turbo engine rated at 176 hp (131 kW) and 155 lb-ft (210 Nm) of torque, which pairs up with a CVT. You can find this exact engine/transmission combo in the U.S.-spec Corolla, for example, but nothing like it is on offer in China right now. A hybrid version may also be released later. Dimension-wise, the Toyota Allion measures 4,720 mm (185.8 in) long, 1,780 mm (70.1 in) wide, and 1,435–1,455 mm (56.5–57.3 in) high. Its wheelbase measures 2,700 mm (106.3 in) and has a curb weight of 2,844 lbs (1,290 kg).

Release Date

After two decades of production, the Toyota Allion and its twin Premio said goodbye in 2021. This marked an end to 64 years of heritage from the Corona lineage that first made its debut in 1957. Though they may be gone for now, Toyota continues their legacy with a long-wheelbase version of the E210 series Corolla sold under the Allion nameplate exclusively on Chinese markets as recently as this year.