Complete Toyota Alphard lineup, specs, economy, dimensions

2018 Toyota Alphard III (facelift 2017) - Technical Specs, Fuel economy, Dimensions2017 Toyota Alphard MinivanAlphard III (facelift 2017)5 Trims 152 to 300 Hp 2008 Toyota Alphard II - Technical Specs, Fuel economy, Dimensions2008 - 2011 Toyota Alphard MinivanAlphard II2 Trims 170 to 280 Hp 2005 Toyota Alphard I (facelift 2005) - Technical Specs, Fuel economy, Dimensions2005 - 2008 Toyota Alphard MinivanAlphard I (facelift 2005)4 Trims 159 to 220 Hp 2002 Toyota Alphard I - Technical Specs, Fuel economy, Dimensions2002 - 2005 Toyota Alphard MinivanAlphard I2 Trims 160 to 220 Hp

The Toyota Alphard is a minivan manufactured and marketed by the Japanese multinational car manufacturer Toyota since 2002. The Alphard is primarily made for the Japanese market but is also sold in Bangladesh, Belarus, Russia, the Middle East, Greater China, and Southeast Asia. Similar to the Camry, it is often classified as a luxury car in Southeast Asian markets. If you're in need of comfort and a bit more luxury, then you should consider owning a Toyota Alphard. Its massive new grille radiates luxury and individuality with elegant lines that flow toward the rear making you stand out from the rest. The luxurious trait continues inside, all thanks to the Alphard's full-leather interior, captain seats with leg rest, 16-hue ceiling illumination, and a touch screen entertainment system.

History of the Toyota Alphard

First Generation Toyota Alphard (AH10; 2002–2008)

The Alphard was launched by Toyota in May 2002. The Alphard V was exclusive to the Netz Store, while the Alphard G has a different grille design and was exclusive to Toyopet Store. The Alphard was facelifted in 2005 with a new design of the rear lamp and the use of 16" and 17" aluminum alloy wheels. In 2006, a Royal Lounge Alphard was introduced. It is a more upmarket, four-seat version of the Alphard G. For the model year 2007, on Japanese models only, G-BOOK, a subscription telematics service, was offered as an option. The Alphard is also the first Japanese market minivan to feature a laser-guided Adaptive Cruise Control, although only as an option on V6 variants.

Alphard Hybrid

A hybrid version was also added to the lineup in MY 2003, featuring a 2.4L 2AZ-FE Atkinson cycle petrol engine. The Alphard Hybrid uses "by-wire" technology that monitors brake pedal pressure and vehicle speed in order to calculate the optimum hydraulic pressure. By-wire works with the E-Four AWD system to maximize the collection of kinetic energy from braking for conversion into electric power. The Alphard Hybrid can generate up to 1,500 watts and is equipped with 100-volt AC power outlets, to power external appliances such as laptops and emergency lights. In Japan, the Alphard Hybrid locally qualifies as an Ultra-Low Emissions Vehicle (ULEV), achieving emission levels 75% lower than the Japanese government's year 2000 benchmark.

Second Generation Toyota Alphard (AH20; 2008–2015)

After being previewed as the FT-MV in 2007, the second-generation Alphard went on sale in May 2008. For this generation, a twin model called the Vellfire was introduced as the successor of Alphard V. According to Toyota's press release, the Alphard is described as having an "elegant and sophisticated" design while the Vellfire emphasizes "strength and strong individuality." Both models are sold via separate distribution channels, with the Alphard sold by Toyota's Toyopet Store dealership chain, while the Vellfire is sold at Toyota's youth-oriented Netz Store dealership chain.

Grade Levels:

  • Alphard X/Vellfire X
  • Alphard S/Vellfire Z
  • Alphard G/Vellfire V
  • Alphard S-C Package/Vellfire Z-G Package
  • Alphard G-L Package/Vellfire V-L Package
  • Royal Lounge

2011 Facelift

A facelift model was announced by Toyota on 27 September 2011, with sales in Japan starting from November 1, 2011. Also introduced a hybrid version of both the Alphard and Vellfire. The hybrid version was reintroduced in November 2011 and whilst the model variants remained similar, all specs were available in all three drivetrains, 2.4/3.5/2.4 Hybrid.

Third Generation Toyota Alphard (AH30; 2015–Present)

Toyota released the third generation Alphard on 26 January 2015 with a completely redesigned exterior and 2 new engines, including a 2.5L 2AR-FE petrol engine and a 2.5LR-FXE petrol-hybrid engine. The 3.5L 2GR-FE V6 along with the 6-speed automatic was carried over from the previous generation. A new top-of-the-line Executive Lounge grade was added for both the Alphard and Vellfire. The Alphard faces competition from other minivans such as the Nissan Elgrand and the fifth-generation international market Honda Odyssey. The third-generation Alphard is available in Japan and selected Asian markets including Brunei, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, and Hong Kong, being the first markets outside Japan to receive this all-new model. The third-generation Alphard was introduced in Russia, the model's primary, and only European market, but only with the 3.5L V6 engine. The V6 model is also available in other left-hand drive markets, like China and Taiwan. In India, the Vellfire was offered from February 2020 as the brand's only import model in the country with the 2.5L hybrid engine with four-wheel drive.

2018 Facelift

The facelifted third-generation Alphard and second-generation Vellfire were unveiled on 25 December 2017 and released on January 8, 2018. Most of the changes are only to the exterior and powertrain, whereas interior equipment remains largely similar with minor changes. New rectangular taillights replace the horizontal ones on the Vellfire, mimicking the design of the second generation's taillights. On May 1, 2020, the Alphard and Vellfire became available at all Toyota dealership sales channels in Japan (Toyota Store, Toyopet Store, Corolla Store, and Netz), and the Netz logo emblem on the Vellfire's front grille was replaced by the Toyota logo emblem.

Lexus LM

The Lexus-badged limousine version of the third generation Alphard, called the Lexus LM, was unveiled on April 16, 2019, at the 18th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition and first released on February 20, 2020, in China. The LM designation stands for "Luxury Mover". There are two seating configurations, a 7-seater configuration that is based on the Alphard Executive Lounge variant, and a 4-seater configuration named the "Emperor Suite", based on the Alphard Royal Lounge variant. The LM features a new suspension setup featuring Swing Valve technology. Two engine options are available, a 2.5L 2AR-FXE hybrid four-cylinder in the LM 300h, and the 3.5L 2GR-FKS V6 in the LM 350 (2GR-FE for the Hong Kong market).


In the Philippines, Toyota retails the 2023 Toyota Alphard with an original MSRP of Php 4,160,000 for the base model, rising to its top-of-the-line variant at around Php 4,175,000. The Lexus LM variant costs around Php 5,628,000 for the base model, rising to Php 9,648,000 for the top-of-the-line variant.

Features of the Toyota Alphard

Exterior Features

The Toyota Alphard features a boxy body with a tall nose at the front. The front fascia is dominated by a large and tall front chrome front grille flanked on either side by LED headlights. The LED projector-type headlights come with corning lamps, auto-leveling, integrated clearance lamps, and chrome ornaments. The fog and tail lamps also receive LED treatment. The Alphard also comes with daytime running lights as standard.

Interior Features

The inside of the Toyota Alphard comes in a beige color with natural leather being the only option for seating material. Front seats are cooled and heated and a sunroof is present in the minivan. The vehicle features a 4-spoke leather-wrapped steering wheel with MID and audio controls plus a tilt and telescopic adjustment function. The shifter comes in a gate-type pattern with manual mode and comes in a urethane material with wood trim and silver accents. The driver gets a 6-way power adjustable seat with memory and an auto slide-away function. The passenger seat, on the other hand, gets 4-way power adjustability and a power ottoman option. The second row of the vehicle also gets the same 4-way power adjustability. The Toyota Alphard comes standard with cruise control, Front and rear parking sensors, leather upholstery, a push start button, and an 8-speaker DVD/CD/MP3/AUX/USB capable head unit with Navigation and Bluetooth. The minivan also comes with keyless entry, a sunroof, electrically adjustable seats, and steering wheel audio controls. Convenience features for the Alphard come in the form of a tire pressure monitoring system and a power liftgate. The Toyota Alphard comes standard with anti-lock brakes with EBD, vehicle stability control, and hill start assist. Airbags for the vehicle can be located for the driver and passenger, front side, curtain shield, and near the knees of the driver. 3-point seatbelts are standard for all occupants of the minivan.

Specs and Performance of the Toyota Alphard

  • 2.5 L 2AR-FE I4
  • 3.5 L 2GR-FE V6 (2015–2017; Hong Kong, 2018–present)
  • 3.5 L 2GR-FKS V6 (2018–present)
  • 2.5 L 2AR-FXE I4

The Toyota Alphard rides on Toyota's MC platform and is assembled in Japan. The minivan can be had with an array of engine choices but the only available engine sold with the vehicle locally is the 3.5L V6 engine option. The V6 makes 292 hp and 361 Nm of torque. Stopping power comes from ventilated disc brakes on each corner of the minivan. The Minivan rides on MacPherson struts with stabilizers and double wishbone suspension at the rear. Dimension-wise, the Toyota Alphard measures 4,915–4,945 mm (193.5–194.7 in) long, 1,850 mm (72.8 in) wide, and 1,880–1,950 mm (74.0–76.8 in) high. Its wheelbase measures 3,000 mm (118.1 in) and has a curb weight of 4,233–4,894 lbs (1,920–2,220 kg).

Release Date

Since 2002, the Toyota Alphard has been a staple of quality for Japanese car lovers. After months of speculation and rumor-mongering, sources have confirmed that Toyota's renowned MPV is preparing to make its long-awaited return with an ambitious fourth-generation model set for May 2023 release.
The new Alphard will be built on the proven TNGA platform which guarantees top-notch performance and reliability from this illustrious marque once more.