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The Toyota Carib is a station wagon produced by Toyota, a Japanese car manufacturer, under the Sprinter nameplate from 1982 until 2002.

History of the Toyota Carib

First Generation Toyota Carib (1982–1988)

Toyota redesigned the Tercel in May 1982, now called the Tercel in all markets. Its internal model code is the L20 series. It was available in three- or five-door hatchback models or a four-door station wagon, and also as a four-door sedan in Japan. The station wagon, known in Japan as the Sprinter Carib (Japanese: Toyota Sprinter Carib, short for "caribou"), was introduced in August 1982. The Tercel wagon (and four-door sedan in Japan) continued with the same design until February 1988 (when the Sprinter Carib was replaced by a larger, Corolla-based design), while the sedans and hatchbacks moved on to the newer design.

Second Generation Toyota Carib (1988–1995)

The all-wheel drive Sprinter Carib wagon used a beam axle rear suspension with coil springs, while the rest used struts all around. The all-wheel drive wagon was sold from 1988 to 1994 and had different bodywork to other Corollas; it replaced the Tercel 4WD Wagon/Sprinter Carib in Toyota's lineup. It retained the Sprinter Carib name in Japan but was marketed as the Corolla Touring in Europe and some other countries, and as the Corolla All-Trac in the United States. The second-generation Sprinter Carib was also sold as a Corolla in Europe, where it replaced the Tercel Wagon. This little four-wheel drive station wagon received the "Touring" suffix in most European markets.

Third Generation Toyota Carib (1995–2002)

This was the last Corolla generation to have an equivalent Sprinter model, and the Levin sports package upgrade. The Sprinter Carib wagon was identical to the European Corolla wagon and was only available in Japan as a Sprinter. The previous generation E104 Corolla Touring Wagon continued to be sold alongside it.
The Sprinter, exclusive to Toyota Auto Store Japanese dealerships was renamed the Toyota Allex and was modified from a sedan to a five-door hatchback. The E110 was the last generation of Corolla to have an upmarket Sprinter Carib offshoot; for Oceania, this was based on the five-door station wagon. The 3-door hatchback was not sold in Japan, Australia, or New Zealand.


The price range for a used Toyota Carib varies based on the trim level you choose. Starting at $2,100 and going to $4,400 for the latest year the model was manufactured.

Specs and Performance of the Toyota Carib


  • 1.8 i
  • 1.6 i

The Toyota Altezza's 1.8L engine delivers 136 hp (101 kW) at 6,000 rpm and 126 lb-ft (171 Nm) of torque at 4,200 rpm. Toyota marketed the Altezza as a front-wheel-drive (FWD) vehicle.

Release Date

Toyota released the Toyota Carib between 1982 and 2002.